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Mormon Truth Skypecast-April 17, 2007-Parts 1 & 2

MTS-4/17/07-Part 1

MTS-4/17/07--Part 2

This was a great Skypecast, that mostly consisted of me and Demon of Kolob talking about a very wide variety of topics, with the exception of Steve from South Korea, for the first few minutes. This is part 1 of 2.

In part 2, we were very rudely interrupted repeatedly, by the Fanatical Evangelical nutjob, Aaron Shafovaloff, who was one of the key distributors here in Utah of the Joseph Smith/Jesus Christ anti-DVD and who is also Eric Hoffman's best buddy and partner in crime/Evangelical blanket condemnation of all people, especially Mormons.

I've said numerous times that he isn't welcome, and I even said it in the description of the podcast, to the point where they reported it to Skype one week to try and cancel my Skypecast, saying it was too offensive...poor babies!! Now I just give the generic warning that I have the right to boot their ass and that they know who they are and they know that means them.

In any case, he came in anywhere between 8-10 times and I had to keep booting his ass out, over and over and over. It was ridiculous and I take it that he must not have had anyone in his Skypecast, that was supposed to be going on at the same exact time as mine. What happened to your group of condemners Aaron? What about all of your converts that were supposed to come from your DVD?

He then started to message people in the group, wondering why I was afraid of him, etc. I mean holy shit, this guy really is a pathetic dumbass that can't get a hint and we can see how he must treat the Mormons(with no respect), since he's even treating an anti-Mormon like this.

He is anything but "Christlike", using his own definition and in fact, the complete opposite and like I said, a complete asshole, in every sense of the word. Any guy that considers himself to be "Christian" and that he "loves Mormons", while saying that the Mormon God could have been a "homosexual drag queen", even showing a picture mocking him(while claiming to show no disrespect...LOL), is offensive, a complete hypocrite, a fraud and phony, which is what you are Aaron.

Anyway, once we dealt with him, and he finally got the hint, we continued on with the Skypecast...LOL!!

In this Skypecast, Demon shares his experience with the sister missionaries from this past week and I read some of the questions from an interview that Joseph Smith did around 1838, quoted how he wouldn't believe his own story unless he'd seen it, along with several quotes from Spencer W. Kimball, regarding masturbation, homosexuals and bestiality, which are all one in the same according to his perverted, sick and pathetic ass. I'll be releasing part 2 later on tonight.

What I'm going to do, is work backwards and get this Skypecast posted here on my blog and then the last one and one before that, etc, until we are back at the first one. I'm going to try to edit and post all of them this weekend. Then, at that point, once they are all posted here, I will then publish them all in order on iTunes, in a podcast(entitled "Mormon Truth Skypecast"), so that they can be downloaded there each week for your convenience. I will then stay current with them each week and post them within a day of the Skypecast.

Well, enjoy everyone and please join us each Thursday, as we've been getting as many as 20-30+ people at times, without much advertising, but I know that we can fill the room with the max 100 each week, once the word gets out. These Skypecasts will be each Thursday at 8 PM Mountain Time, unless I state it differently and I will put up a post, at least an hour before each Skypecast, on my main Mormon Truth blog, announcing each Skypecast, with a link.

For those that want to look for the podcast, the best way to do that, is to go to
this page on Skype and just search for "Mormon" and you'll easily find it.

The next Skypecast will be Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 8 PM MST and
here is the link.

Samuel the Utahnite

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