Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is the very first Skypecast I did, from back on February 15, 2007 and I've tried to edit in the best parts and edit out the worst parts, where nothing was being said. This was my first time and I was having some technical problems throughout the podcast, as you'll be able to hear. I believe I now have those problems resolved. In reality, it was probably just the Mormon God trying to interfere with the Skypecast, right all you TBMs out there? LOL!!

The first person I talk to is a guy who goes by the name of deadhead, from Fiji, who wanted to know more about Warren Jeffs. I then spoke briefly with Brandon, who is 18 and saving up money for his mission. I then spoke with Mack, a Christian man from Canada who had questions about why I left Mormonism and what I've decided to believe in after leaving Mormonism.

Mack also wanted to discuss the subject of Mormonism trying to appear as mainstream Christian. Mack proved that a Christian and Mormon can actually talk and be respectful, without the Christian condemning me to burn in hell forever. There are some Evangelicals out there that could take a lesson!!

I then talked with great guy and never-Mormon named Eric, who wanted to know more about Mitt Romney and his run for the Presidency, which led on us on a little journey and discussion regarding Mormon garments, temple rituals and death oaths, naked touching and many more things that Eric wasn't aware of regarding Mormonism.

His honest and shocked response to many of the topics, like the garments for example, is probably a pretty common one among people from the "real world." We covered a vast array of subjects and had a great conversation, as you'll all hear. Hopefully Eric will participate in future Skypecasts.

Anyway, that's it and I hope you all enjoy it. These Skypecasts are going to be a lot of fun and give all of you out there, that have a lot to say and express, a voice that will be able to be heard by everyone. There's absolutely nothing the Mormon Hieararchy can do, to silence those of us that want to express ourselves regarding this cult of Mormonism.

The Mormon hierarchy love the freedom they have, to spew their fairy tale, but hate that anyone else has that same freedom to expose them and their cult. Stay tuned for more Skypecasts and feel free to join us each Thursday at 6 PM, unless noted otherwise on my main Mormon Truth blog.

Samuel the Utahnite


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